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Thread: Made the Front Page of the Local Paper - (Nelson, NZ)

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    Default Made the Front Page of the Local Paper - (Nelson, NZ)

    The local "Christmas Lights Competition" closed just before Christmas, and we were not mentioned this year, although we were deemed the winner last year. Strangely though, the local newspaper was told by "someone" to come and photograph the display, along with another display in town, then we both featured on the front page the next day! The publicity from the paper drew more viewers and comments than the total Radio Station driven "Christmas lighting competition" promotion, maybe there is a lesson for someone there :-)

    In the attached scan of the artical, the smaller picture is our display, with "Yours Truly", on his own, looking over our fence. I was suprised that the bulk of the text is about us and our display, and didn't have a spin put on it by the reporter that interview me on the 'phone :-)

    Many, Many, thanks to all from this brilliant community for you help, wether seen or not :-)


    Terry :-)
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    Default Re: Made the Front Page of the Local Paper - (Nelson, NZ)

    Congratulations on the recognition.


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