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    I have been looking for information about whether or not I could take a set of icicles lights and cut them into sections. The set that I have is 300 ct. I have a section that is out and I counted them to be 50ct. So my question is to take a set of 300 and make 6 sets of 50 to be controlled seperately. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yeah, that should work. Here's the wiki on doing it ...

    In your case, you'll also make cuts between Nos. 100 and 101, 150 and 151, 200 and 201 and 250 and 251. Then put on male plugs and you'll be all set to control shorter segments of icicles.



    PS: While you're at it, get a LightKeeperPro and figure out the dead bulb in the bad segment and then you'll have six strings.
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