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Thread: Metro Indy lighting contest winner

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    Default Metro Indy lighting contest winner

    The largest TV station in Indianapolis had a lighting contest this year where people submit photos onto the station's Facebook page. They've been highlighting one display a night for the last several weeks on the news. Ours was mentioned briefly about a week and a half ago. Well, on Tuesday, we got a call saying that we won and here's the video that aired on Friday.

    I was afraid I'd come across as the village idiot, but it didn't turn out too bad.

    It aired on Friday, and we had well over 1,000 cars come out that night. The wife, kids, and I were directing traffic, and helping cars squeeze through, and everyone we talked to seemed to take it in stride. A neighbor said we had a 500' line of cars outside our subdivision at times. Last night was busy, but not enough to necessitate us directing traffic.

    This is our third year with blinky-flashy, and we absolutely love it, but we'll be glad when it's over, so we can rest a bit! Although I'm going to jump right in with my plans for next year.

    Still working on video. Recorded from one angle a few nights ago, and will record from another tonight. With all the rain, and some random failures, it seems like each night where the weather is good, I have issues to fix.

    One last note...I added a mini sequence of Linus' Meaning of Christmas (Luke 2) from Charlie Brown Christmas. All i did was light our nativity scene and Bethlehem star. Took all of 5 minutes to sequence, and we ran it for the first time Friday. That's been the thing people mention to me the most.
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    Default Re: Metro Indy lighting contest winner

    Merry Christmas, Tom! And congratulations, too!!! The display looks terrific and you're a rightful winner!!!

    Now take 5 minutes off and get working on 2012!!!

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    Default Re: Metro Indy lighting contest winner

    Congrats! You did fine in the interview btw!

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    Default Re: Metro Indy lighting contest winner

    Congrats on the award!

    I have a similar Linus sequence, and even though simple, it has been well received.


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    Default Re: Metro Indy lighting contest winner

    Congratulations on the award and the great display!

    I'm fearful that I'd look like Ralph Kramden during an interview like that.... "homina, homina, homina...."
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