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Thread: Nativity Scene Shadow Box

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    Default Nativity Scene Shadow Box

    I want to make a nativity scene shadow box this year for 2011 and I'm looking for some suggestions

    First it will be made out of plywood. The back will be a solid sheet and the front will have the cut out of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I figure I would have the front about 4 inches away from the back. The back will be "backlit" using 4 channels and c7 lights. I figure I would use red,blue,green and white lights. The lights would be attatched to the backside just inside the the outline of the front. I think I will use the cheap plastic scene I have now for the picture and just enlarge it on the plywood. I would like it to be roughly 4'x4' that way I would only use 1 sheet of plywood. There would be no "sides" to this, only the front mounted to the back piece using 2x4's I was thinking the back should either be painted white or Aluminum in color to reflect the light and the front maybe white. The front, well maybe white as well. As I got to thinking about this I thought it would be even neater to put another 4 small colored spot lights on it and light it from the front as well but not sure on that one. It would be kinda cool to have the shadow lit one color and the front a different. I just don't know if I would want to use 4 different spot lights. I've included a crappy picture of the design I think I'll use...

    Heres about what I'm thinking only a larger scale and backlit

    Any Ideas????
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    Default Re: Nativity Scene Shadow Box

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveJZ View Post
    I was thinking the back should either be painted white or Aluminum in color to reflect the light and the front maybe white.
    If the songs you will be using relate to the Nativity scene, with a dark background you could do something like have an angel or group of angels appear by outlining them with mini-lights or LEDs. You could also have shepherds, kings, etc fade in and out that way too (although that might be a little crowded within 4 feet). Or, you could put a larger "curtain" of LEDs or strobes behind the Nativity scene and run a sparkle/shimmer effect in the background, like either a star-lit night or angelic activity, an animated or shooting star, etc.

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