Hi everyone,

I've decided I'm going to be redesigning my entire light display next year, and so I don't need a fair bit of my display from as it currently sits. As such, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in any of it?

I'm in Brisbane, so if anyone local wants to come check it out then you're more than welcome to, and I'm happy to post anything anywhere in Aus (or heck, even worldwide if anyone's *that* keen. :-) )

You can find some videos of my lights on youtube, below -- to give you a bit of an idea what I'm talking about with respect to certain aspects.


I have a heap of lights, some display items, and a heap of controllers (about 400 channels worth). Details are as follows:


My display is created from a bunch of different lights, mostly:

  • 100ct string lights, 240v, red/green/white
  • 300ct string lights, 240v, red/green/white
  • 13mm rope light, 240v, red/green/white
  • 300ct icicle lights, 24v, white
  • 250ct string lights, 24v, white

I have *HEAPS* of sets of the 240v items left, brand new, completely unused -- plenty of fairy lights, and many hundred metres of the rope light in red/green/white. I also have much of it that has been used, but still works well (such as ~300m of rope light from my megatree, in 48x6m lengths).

They're all incandescent bulbs (as I do a lot of work with dimming effects in my display and I've found I get a better effect with incandescents).

I can post more details if anyone is interested, but didn't want to waste people's time -- so, anyone interested in any lights?

Display Items

off the top of my head, the few things I can think of are:

  • 20x small minitrees, along the path in my display (wrapped with ~300 white 24v string lights). approx 30cm high.
  • 9x stars, wrapped in 200 each of red,green,white 240v string lights. 3x are approx 75cm across, 6x are approx 1m.
  • 6x christmas trees (about 1.8m high I think?), wrapped in 600 each of red,green,white 240v string lights. Trees are in bad shape, very worn.
  • one megatree -- 48x 6m of rope light, 16x each of R/G/W. All going to a block that is easy to mount wherever needed. Also the star on top.


I won't be needed almost all my controllers anymore -- they're all custom made, fully supported in vixen, etc. They're very similar to a renard board -- each has 16 channels, uses triacs to switch either 240v or 24v (depending on the controller), communicates over RS485, and with full dimming support.

I've also put them all into boxes and gotten them all prepared for use outdoors -- they've worked brilliantly for me for the last few years.

If anyone's after any controllers, or wants more details, just let me know.


Thanks for having a squizz at it all -- if you're interested, just let me know, or if you know anyone that is, just send me a hoy.