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Thread: SSRezs not turning off completely

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    Default SSRezs not turning off completely

    Sorry if this is a known issue (the board won't let you search for "LED".)

    Here's my problem- I've got 4 SSRezs hooked up to my shiny new Renard64XC. On these SSRezs I've got 100 mini LEDs per channel. The issue is that the LEDs never turn off completely. Some strings are worse than others but all of my LEDs remain lit at like 5% brightness. This happens even when the SSR isn't even hooked up to the Renard64XC.

    I've tried adding a resistor to the end of the strand and that made no difference, And I tried plugging in my incandescent snowman into the end of the LEDs and that didn't make a difference either.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Can I modify the SSRs in some way to fix this problem? I used the instructions and BOM on the wiki and I have a multimeter but no scope.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: SSRezs not turning off completely

    I'm surprised the snowman didn't do it. Several people add a c9 for enough load.
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