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Thread: olsen 595 connection

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    Default olsen 595 connection

    can a 595 be placed at the end on a chain of two ren 24's and a ren 24lv
    with a ren-c and get the zc from the ren 24lv so you dont need the ren-t.
    And will the distance from from the pc be a problem since it is hooked up to the serial port.

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    Default Re: olsen 595 connection

    Wow. Lotta questions there!

    The ren-c and 595 need to be very close together -- the connection cables shouldn't be more than probably 12". The Ren-C would need something to provide the ZC, and you might be able to take that from the LV board (I can't remember if it will propagate a ZC or not). Of course, the 595 is going to need +5vdc, which powers the Ren-C as well. I don't think you can tap 5vdc from the other boards as the 595 takes a lot more juice than they can provide and still service themselves.

    Since the communication is still serial to the Ren-C, I don't think distance is an issue if you're using RS-485, which is what would come out of either the Ren24 or the LV, providing of course you're not talking about more than 1000 feet or so...

    So the bottom line is...
    1. Provide a ZC to the Ren-C
    2. Provice +5vdc at 1-2amps to the 595
    3. Plug the Ren-C into the 595 using short cables
    4. Plug RS-485 from the last controller (the LV?) output to the Ren-C input.
    5. Make sure your profile has enough channels

    I think it ought to work.
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    Default Re: olsen 595 connection

    I tested my ren-c's before I sold them all to upgrade to all ren24's and I was able to get the ZC out of a ren24lv to my ren-c. I still had to supply the 5vdc power to the olsen but it did work. I had to make a custom cable out of the ren24lv to the ren-c. If I can find it I will post the pin outs.
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