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    Default Firegod Flicker is back....RESOLVED!!!

    For 2 weeks I have been testing and running sequences, checking channels, fixing lights, even ran the whole show through 2 full times wed night, not once did I ever see a flicker... tonight, now that I have "launched" my show to play every night, it looks like it's having a seizure... the flicker is HORRIBLE.

    I have spent a bit of time tonight trying to isolate this... I am not 100% sure if all channels within a field module are flickering together, but one thing I do know is that the flicker is not the same across all field modules (and some have none at all).

    The fact that this has not been seen once in 2 weeks makes me believe this is some kind of outside influence to the signal somewhere along the chain... If you look at the flicker close, it almost looks like a data burst from something. I have torn my hair out trying to go back through the house to see if something is on that wasn't before but can't find anything.

    So, what I am really after here today is asking for any ideas on where to look for something that might be interferring with my controllers (btw- the Renard's are not having the issue at all) Don't know if David will see this post, but wondering what all you suggested to Greg in Canby (or maybe Greg will see this!!) to try on his setup this year?

    Thanks... Between this problem and the ledtriks problems I am having this year, I'm about ready to go tear the entire display down and give this hobby up. This flicker is so bad you can't even see half of the sequencing because everything is flashing instead of just what should! (I didn't think it was possible to have TOO much flashy)

    Thanks everyone. -James
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