I was just wondering about the downgrade app that KC developed for reverting 2.5 stuff back to 2.1.

Since there's a lot of helpful utilities written for 2.5 that won't work in 2.1, is it possible to do all your sequencing in 2.5 with all those nice utilities, then once you're done, convert them back to 2.1 without loosing anything?

I realize that normalizing curves wouldn't be available (I use Lynx Express anyway so that makes this a non-issue), but it seems that most of the problems with 2.5 are program related.

Another thought....I run my Vixen on a Windows 2000 box. I'm betting that 3.0+ is going to require more than .Net 2. I believe .Net 3 or greater isn't available for this OS, so it would be great to have a stable 2.1 to run from, making the downgrade even nicer if it works. It'd be nice if I could upgrade my OS and not worry, but it's not in the budget for now or anytime soon.