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Thread: and profiles...compatable?

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    Default and profiles...compatable?

    I have profiles that I used with last year....if I upgrade to will they still work?

    Having some before I pull my hair out trying to figure why something doesn't work it would be nice to know if it's supposed to......

    Specifically.....the launcher which worked like a charm in to call up a batch file and run an .led script only flashes momentarily on the screen when using in the screen with the cmd prompt came up and stayed on the screen until the .led file finished....then it would go away.....

    Then again...I could have overlooked something....It almost appears as though it doesn't recognize the .led file and thus doesn't execute it......

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Default Well.....DUH....

    It is amazing how much you can forget since last Christmas......Guess I'd better get my head back into this stuff else suffer a panic attack as the season approaches.....

    Forgot to copy the ltc.exe file into my new folder......DOAH....:oops:

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    Default Re: and profiles...compatable?


    Look at the bright side: it only took you 35 minutes to figure out your problem!

    If you'd been me, it probably would have taken you 35 hours or 35 days ... ;) ...

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