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Thread: PHI_LOR Meet & Greet

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    Default PHI_LOR Meet & Greet

    Hi folks,

    I just wanted to point out to the LOR folks that there will be another annual LOR only gathering at Andy's house (three blocks from me...) in June this summer. Check the threads on SCL and LOR Help Forum.

    This event was created for users of LOR to focus on the system they use. As host of the annual Philly Area Mini I was asked by quite a few people for an event that would help them to focus and learn more about their chosen system. The PHI_LOR Meet & Greet is the result of that interest.

    It will be a two-day event with a schedule of LOR related discussions Saturday, and a free for all Sunday. The Sunday portion is open to all, so the DIY community is welcome to come and convert those you can. Many of the LOR users who attend are interested in the possible use of DMX in their displays. Those of us hosting have little or no experience with DMX and could really use the help. There is quite a bit of chatter about using DMX with RJ's Lynx controllers.

    In the past I was concerned that the DIY community felt as if I was pushing them aside for my system of chioce. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The Philly event grew too big for my little yard and Greg offered to help out. Those who attended his events speak of great success. However, many of the LOR folks who came to my events were jaded in that they didn't learn about LOR. This event wasn't meant to split anything. It was a response to the specific requests of the attendees.


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    Default Re: PHI_LOR Meet & Greet

    I'll be there both days! I'll bring as many different controllers as I can pack along with all the LED goodies everyone has seen and some things you haven't.

    I can't wait to see everyone again.

    Oh, and I will be hosting a Red Cup Social Friday night, might be at the host hotel, maybe at Andy's. ;-)

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    Default Re: PHI_LOR Meet & Greet

    I'll be there
    Blinking lights and Bringing Smiles to faces from 2006


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