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Thread: Breaking up these icicle lights

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    Default Breaking up these icicle lights

    Wondering if anyone might be able to help me with breaking up these lights... With my little knowledge, it would show that they could be broken up into 3 individual sets(because of the 3 knobby things), what do you think? Is it possible? I think that I have listed where each wire is leading to for the most part.. If you have any questions about a wire or anything, please let me know and I will answer. Please see the attached jpg.

    These are 100 count LED icicles by GE. Connect up to 25 sets end-to-end 10.8ft lighted length.

    Total Set Wattage: 6.48 watts
    Strand Spacing: 5in between strands
    Number of strands: 27
    Lighted Length: 10.8ft
    Maximum Connected Same GE LED Sets: 25 end-to-end
    Plug System: double end: add-on plus end connector
    Fusing System: fused plug
    Spare Parts included: 2 steady burning LEDs, (2) 3-amp fuses

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    Default Re: Breaking up these icicle lights

    First thing: are these Full-Wave or Half-Wave sets? (if Full-Wave, you probably can't
    split up the set)...

    Alittle info first

    The Full-Wave GE sets i own have oversized non-stackable plugs...because thats where
    they put the diode-bridge parts to make it Full-Wave (and resistors too) they also have
    no 'plastic glob-thingies'

    I also have some Half-Wave GE's (which have normal stackable plugs) these have 'globs'
    (just a resistor) on the wires

    My Ge sets are not icicle tho
    Ok so assuming your lights are Half-Wave, look along the main (top) wire there should
    be 3 wires along most of the set, but at (probably 2) spots there should just 2 wires.
    Its alittle hard to tell from the images, but it looks like that is the should
    be able to cut the 2-wire-spot and add new male/female plugs to make individual sets
    (look over it closly, just make sure each set has a 'glob' (resistor))

    I can't say for sure that it'll work
    24 Ch/486dx 33mhz PC

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