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    This area of the forum is dedicated to the use and development of DMX and Ethernet devices for seasonal displays. If you're new to DMX this is the place to get more information; if you're trying to incorporate the DMX, sACN (E1.31), or ArtNet protocol in your next project this is also your home.

    A while back I created a wiki entry about DMX. If you're new, this is a good place to start. It should help to get your feet wet, then you can dive right in.

    This area of the forum exists to provide an educational environment for people to discuss and share ideas that relate to these topics. To that end the moderator(s) will attempt to keep the environment free from illegal activity or misleading / disruptive people or discussions. Please be respectful of one another when posting. Also please try to stick to the author's first post in each thread. If a thread sparks an idea and you want to discuss something else, please create a new thread or take it offline.

    Happy DMXing.
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