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Thread: LOR S2 and DIY hardware?

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    Question LOR S2 and DIY hardware?

    I see lots of people using Vixen to control a mix of LOR and DIY hardware. Is there anyway to use S2 to control a mix of LOR and DIY hardware instead? I have several LOR controllers, along with dLight and would like to add Renard hardware, but I'd like to stay with S2 as the software.

    Just wondering if there are any workarounds to make this work...



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    Default Re: LOR S2 and DIY hardware?

    Yes Jeremy,
    There are quite a few people who use the iDMX1000 adapter and Lynx boards or Renard with DMX code on it. Currently the iDMX will only control 256 channels though, so you'd need an iDMX for each 256. We've been bugging the developers to expand to the full 512 channels. I have no idea what the holdup is, or why it's such a problem. There's a section on the LOR help forum just for DMX. I think the adapter is pricey for the 256 channel limit. Tim Fischer brought up a really good idea for a "lite" DMX adapter a while back and LOR seemed to be open to the idea. As for the status of these things, LOR shot themselves in the foot last year with the release of a Servo controller and ended up giving all the pre-release orders away for free as they missed their promised ship date. So it may not be so easy to find out about when things are going to be released.

    I chose to wait a while for DMX to see if they get the full 512, or release a Lite version. Many others are using DMX items in their display, and they all require the iDMX. Too bad there isn't a cheaper alternative.



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