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Thread: How to strip wire from the middle?

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    Default Re: How to strip wire from the middle?

    Quote Originally Posted by David_AVD View Post
    I think these are what you're describing:

    I'm sure Digikey or Mouser sell them too. Search for krone or punch down?
    Yes, that's the type of thing I have in mind. That price is too high for what I had in mind, though, which is why I was hoping to find the metal "blades" separately (the little metal parts that hold the wires together). Then I might be able to come up with a little enclosure to put them in.

    I'm not finding anything better than that on Mouser or Digi-Key.

    EDIT: I finally found something closer to what I had in mind. I was not using the correct search terms. They are called "cross connects" or "punch down combs".

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