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12-03-2009, 01:14 PM
I finally built my mega tree. It isn't as tall or as well light lit (only 16 strands) as other but its a good start. I sourced all of my items at Lowes.

1- 10ft 3" pvc pipe
1- 3"-2" pvc adapter
1- 5ft 2" pvc pipe, cut down to around 3.5ft
1- vinyl post jacket for 4x4 posts (thanks to bisceg for the idea)
1- box of white hooks
1- box of lawn staples
16- boxes of 22ft xmas lights (can be attached 8 strings together)
2- 50ft cords
2- bags of cement
1- wood bun foot (you can find this in the stair building section)
1- spare 2x2 wood cut to around 18"

So I dug the hole and buried a 3ft section of the vinyl jacket

I combined the 3"pvc pipe and the adpater together, and glued the 2" pipe to the top. The pole is very light, perhaps less than 20lbs.

The 3" pipe fits exactly into the vinyl jacket, so I can take it out with ease

The bun foot is predrilled 16x and I had screwed the hooks in place. The 2x2 is glued and nailed to the bottom and the corners sanded down so I can easily remove this from the pole

The primary pieces inserted into the jacket

The next part is easy, just start hanging 16 strands of xmas lights- I got them last year for under $1 each. Next year I might consider going LED or more likely, vixen light show integration


All finished, happy holidays!





12-03-2009, 02:49 PM
Nice work! Thanks for the photo story, too.

I did something similar -- although there was no way I was going to dig into my yard -- there's super-hard clay down there and I'd have needed dynamite!!!

Maybe some day I'll get my act together (what little act I have ;)) and post some photos too.

You done good!!!

Merry Christmas!