View Full Version : Problems on channels 29-32

11-28-2009, 09:30 PM
I have a Grinch board populated with 2 alegro chips and 8 SSRoz's The Grinch is connected th the pc parallel port and power is coming from the pc power supply through the RJ-45 connector. All was well for over a week but tonight I looked out the window and my mini trees were on green solid instead of blinking.

So I started to try to diagnose this and here is what I have found. Any time any of channels 29-32 go on all of them come on and stay on until I remove power from the Grinch. So I looked at all the solder joints on that jack and chip. all looked fine but I decided to re-flow the joints and scrub them with 91% alcohol just to see if it would help. That did not change anything. Then I swapped in a new chip, no change. Any thoughts on this?

I Did throw a 3rd chip and one more jack in the Grinch then remapped those channels so at least the show is still going, but I would still like to fix this problem because I plan on using all 64 channels next year


11-29-2009, 12:50 AM
I did have a similat issue. but mine all would work great for a cpl of hours then start acting goofy. I found no issued with the program or any of the boards. I finally switched computers and i found with the old computer i had sitting around for a few years was just getting really hot due to m fan not working on the processor. so i changed it and not an issue one now. so i would check the computer. Not a foresure fix but helped my problem