View Full Version : General re-organization

06-03-2007, 08:42 AM
I have done some organizing based upon some requests, suggestions and discussions in the chat. I have consolidated some topics and forums and created a few sub-forums.

I deleted the Photos forum since we have an Album for photos.

I deleted The DIY Store category and made it a forum with sub-forums.

I deleted the Events category and made it a forum with location specific sub-forums.

I created a Member "Approved" Vendors forum.

I created a Reference Depot to post links or info that can be used for reference.

Added some descriptions to some of the forums.

This was done in an attempt to try and keep the main index page as small as possible and get rid of some areas that were duplicated elsewhere. Some posts have been relocated. I have contacted the person who's posts have been affected via PM. If you did not get a PM from me then your posts have not been relocated.