View Full Version : ren-t trouble

10-02-2009, 06:17 PM
hello i have a big problem i just built a ren-t worked good for a couple of weeks and now it wont i am using a ren-c and the power led indicates its on but the zero cross light no longer flashes im noticing a lot of heat coming from U3 voltage regulator i forgot to shut it down and it ran for a couple days would that have damaged it any suggestions would help

10-03-2009, 12:05 AM
I would start by checking the voltages on the rent first. With power off unplug the rent from the renc board, Then power up the renc and check U3. Pin 1 (input) should have about 7 volts on it, pin 3 (output) should be 5 volts. Then check pin 7 and 8 at the output rj45 jack, you should have about 7 volts there. If these voltages are good I would then power down and plug the renc back in and power back up and check the voltages on the rent again. If the voltages are still good or drop drastically I would then suspect something is wrong with the renc board. If the voltages are bad on the rent when disconnected from the renc I would first change out U3 and check the voltages again.