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09-23-2009, 10:36 PM
Well, it's "ya-alls" fault. Found this site a year ago and got the bug. Now I'm doing Halloween too. I built my first "Monster In A Box" which is activated by a garage security light. The light activates (1) a small bench top drill for motions, (2) a set of computer speakers w/ MP3 player for monster sounds, (3) a LED strobe to blind you when the lid goes up and (4) a pneumatic valve so you get "touched" by a blast of LP air. I also made some latex molds to make my own skulls and bones, a few I've "corpse-a-fied". And I'm using vixen to run my pumpkins sounds/music to lights and vixen also controls the scary sound tracks. I've attached a few pics for you to see. Thanks to all for advise and help. Now I'm back to working on a bigger Christmas display.

09-24-2009, 12:12 AM
That's some pretty cool stuff. I like the 'monster in a box'. Those skulls look like they are really in a very bad mood. Nice work.

09-24-2009, 12:56 AM
One of those skulls looks a lot like a girl I dated in 9th grade....

Nice work!!!!

09-24-2009, 01:11 AM
One of those skulls looks a lot like a girl I dated in 9th grade....

Hey - how about a How-To on making the latex skulls - might save a trip to my Halloween SuperStore!

09-24-2009, 06:38 PM
The skulls are made of plaster. I found a foam skull at an end of season sale last year for my master model. Cover the master lightly in petrol jelly (this is your mold release), don't fill in the cracks as you want the details, then brush on 1 coat of liquid latex and let it dry (about 1 day). Brush on 2nd coat and let dry. Now get some cheese cloth and cut to strips and pieces, brush on latex and put on the cheese cloth. Smooth it all out with the brush and more latex and let it dry (about 1 day). {you can reuse the same brush for the entire project if you wash it out with hot soapy water immediately after each use} Build up about 7-10 layers. When satisfied with the thickness of your mold, cut it up the back and it will peel off the master form. Now use duct tape up the back seem and fill with liquid plaster. I put my form in a small bucket of sand to cradle it and keep the skull round. It will be fully dry in about 3 days and the plaster will not stick to the latex. Peel off the mold and you have a plaster form. Spray prime with 2 coats of cheap primer. Now to corpse it: unravel about 15-30 cotton balls and open them up/spread them out, paint the skull with latex and press the cotton into the wet latex and let dry for 1 day. Repaint the skull/cotton with latex but now strech and pull the cotton to get a runny/drippy effect, let dry for a day when happy with your project. Spray paint the whole thing black and let dry. Then I used a dry brush (acrillic paint) technique of: brown, for an aged appearance; green, for moldy looks, red covered by brown for dry blood and such. When you are done and happy cover it with spray polyurethane to water proof. For the dry skull look I did 2 coats cheap primer. Then took a sponge and washed the skull with very watered down black acrilic paint. Basically I rubbed it in to make it look dirty gray. Then I did the same thing with watered down yellow acrillic paint for the dry/aged bone look. Paint in the eye sockets dirty brown. Paint in the skull "cracks n seams" dirty black/brown. Do the teeth in the black then yellow with a hint of white. And now you know what I did. I just "eyeballed" the colors as I did them.

09-24-2009, 07:50 PM
Sweet! - more than likely a 'next year' project at this point for me but pretty cool - doesn't look too hard too do anyway! (famous last words...)


09-24-2009, 09:24 PM
You are more than welcome!! I appreciate all the help I have received over the past year and I'm glad I could finally contribute. As a final "how to" just do a yahoo/google search on "how to corpse a bluky" (a bluky is a blow mold skeleton, I have 3 and made my bone mold from one of the legs). Using "how to..." will take you to a million places where I just found what I liked and tried to do it. Final final hint; youtube has great videos on how to, look for Dr. Kreepy, I used his how to for my mold. Happy haunting, now I'm off to work on Christmas, Sparkey