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06-21-2009, 12:37 AM
I recently built some of JEC's pixels and was looking for a means to play around with creating different colors. I wanted something like Vixen's test channel feature, but I wanted to control several channels' intensity separately. Not finding any (free) software that would do what I wanted, I started poking into Vixen since I knew it could do what I wanted with a little persuasion.

The Multi Channel Test AddIn was born.

I have only tested this with Vixen, and only on my development system. While the AddIn shouldn't do anything harmful to your vixen sequences or your system, I make no guarantees of that as this is alpha software. Please take the appropriate precautions of backing up your Vixen install and your sequences before trying this AddIn.

Attached are two zip files, the MultiChannelTest.zip is the dll file that contains the AddIn. You should just be able to unzip that into your "AddIns" directory within your Vixen install. Once this file is in your AddIns directory, Starting Vixen should yield a "Multi Channel Test" entry in your Add-ins menu. The AddIn will not work if a sequence is not loaded, and it will politely tell you so. Once a sequence is loaded, choose the Multi Channel Test entry from the Add-Ins menu to start.

Along the top are the boxes for the channels, these are the channels that the sliders will control. If you want them to all be sequential, set the first channel to the desired start channel and then click the "Auto Number" button.

The bottom boxes will show the current intensity for the given slider. This may or may not be the actual intensity of the channel depending on the setting of the master slider. The master slider overrides any values set in the individual sliders.

As I said, this is a rough alpha version as a proof of concept. It does what I intended it to do so I'm not quite sure what if any improvements I will make, but I have included the Sharp Develop project (MultiChannelTest Project.zip), so you can tear it up to your heart's desire.

06-21-2009, 12:58 AM
I like it.
I may be using that one.