View Full Version : REN-C Pin 3

03-01-2009, 06:04 AM
Going throught the REN-C Wiki and it has RS In and RS Out on pin 3 of the RJ45. On my REN-C i dont use this pin from the ZC/ RS232 data wires to the REN-C.Is it necessary for daisy chaining other REN-C's?
I have been thinking of making adapters so i can run controllers either side of the house but only have one cat 5 cable going to each controller by putting all functions through one Cat5 cable, main and also cable to go to daisy chain.Using the RS 485 instead of RS 232 which i have at present im hoping to minimize the amount of cables around the yard as the controllers can be mounted out of the way with the SSR's. Our yard is only 16m across and 7 long so the display cant be too big (unless i can talk the neighbour into letting me use their house too..lol) which gives me the option of a controller at each corner and one in the middle.Have drawn a sketch hopefully explains what im getting at