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10-04-2020, 09:09 PM
Hi all -

The plastic base of the airblow motor that are secured to the ground are cracked. Can you tell me what kind of epoxy or glue that I can fix the crack? Or how do I secure the inflatable to the ground of this base is cracked? Thaks!

10-11-2020, 04:35 AM
It's very difficult to find the right glue to bond plastic. Ideally the glue would meld the plastic, but that requires a precise chemical match for the plastic type.

You could use epoxy (two-part glue) - most any kind. But you'd want to reinforce the part. You should clean and then scuff the plastic surface (so the glue can stick better), then wrap with either kevlar or other strong line. Do not use dental floss - the glue often won't adhere to it. If you have access to it, small pieces of fiberglass cloth can be used more easily.

Mix enough glue (suggest at least 30 minute for this, not 5 minute - the working time is too short.). Coat the part top and bottom, and inside hole (for stake?). Lay in the glass cloth OR wrap three around the part - lots of wraps. This will be difficult if there is a stake hole. (You could try wrapping first, then get the glue to soak all the way through - not ideal.) Carefully put a layer of glue on top of the cloth (thread). The cloth will want to move, so be careful. Make sure the glue soaks into the cloth. Let cure and re-open hole (carefully) with drill.

You may find that this works better if you do two or three applications, letting the glue cure mostly from the previous layer before trying the next.

You could also try to mix in glass or kevlar fibers into the glue before putting on your part. This could take the place of the fiber glass cloth or the string line. But test first.

You could probably Google this to find out generally how to do it.

Good luck.


PS I have not fixed such motor base things before, but I do use this technique on all kinds of things.

10-11-2020, 08:18 PM
Dear Jimboha - thanks so much for a very detailed instruction. You are great, and hope that you have a great holiday time with friends and family. Please stay safe.