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09-20-2019, 11:29 PM
We've just released our first maintenance update release for this season's release. This release fixes several minor bugs that surfaced since the last release as well as some rather significant performance enhancements and even adds a few new features.

As always, you can find it here: http://www.vixenlights.com/downloads/vixen-3-downloads/

The biggest new feature in this release is the ability to import sequences from a V3 profile other than your own. This will greatly help those who wish to share sequences.

Here's the complete release notes:
** Improvement
* [VIX-391] - Opening sequences with unknown elements
* [VIX-2785] - Center move handle doesn't move while resizing.
* [VIX-2791] - Connect element creation wizards to Preview prop creation process.
* [VIX-2795] - Sync up the library references between the QMLibrary and the Liquid so they are consistent.
* [VIX-2805] - Optimize further the output section to improve capacity and reduce CPU usage.
* [VIX-2819] - Improve the render performance of the Preview Setup
* [VIX-2822] - Optimize the color conversions from HSV to RGB to improve performance.
* [VIX-2827] - Enhance the OpenDMX plugin to support choosing the device.
* [VIX-2832] - Improve the performance of the Element Tree in the Display Setup / Preview
* [VIX-2833] - Add element targeting options for the Chase and Spin effects.

** New Feature
* [VIX-679] - Import/Export of native V3 sequences

** Bug
* [VIX-837] - Movement of mutiple items glitchy in preview
* [VIX-2025] - .net installer prompts for reboot before vixen install is done.
* [VIX-2641] - Bars Effect 3D - Move Right & Horizontal Expand issue
* [VIX-2693] - Scheduler problems
* [VIX-2792] - Vixen 3.6 Set Level not working, on some elements
* [VIX-2793] - Entering non numeric data in the Curve Editor causes crash
* [VIX-2794] - Keyboard shortcuts for play sequence (F5) not working
* [VIX-2800] - Vixen crashing during effect color selection from gradient menu
* [VIX-2802] - FPP 2.6+ compression is not enabled.
* [VIX-2803] - New Install start-up error
* [VIX-2808] - Video does not render in preview
* [VIX-2810] - The levels deep function on the Twinkle does not render.
* [VIX-2811] - Ghost / Empty Toolbar items in the sequence editor.
* [VIX-2812] - Audio files are being missed in new Sequence import.
* [VIX-2813] - Bar effect 3D setting not rendering properly
* [VIX-2817] - Some message dialogs may popup in odd places.
* [VIX-2820] - Preview link elements slow and abnormal warning.
* [VIX-2821] - Open multiple sequence takes long time
* [VIX-2825] - Wipe on and off abnormal when brightness less than 100%
* [VIX-2826] - Native Sequence export does not include the old Nutcracker data files.
* [VIX-2828] - Universe setup should warn if the total channel count is out of sync with the controller count.
* [VIX-2829] - Cannot lasso / shift select multiple effects when the rows they are in are visible in multiple groups.
* [VIX-2831] - Custom Prop Editor drag drop elements can reverse order of dropped elements in some cases.
* [VIX-2834] - Mark Collection Editor field binding warning,
* [VIX-2835] - Multi String smart objects are not staying connected.
* [VIX-2836] - The delete mapping functionality is not working in the source tree of the profile mapper.

09-21-2019, 11:13 AM
As always folks, a great effort to keep this software fresh and up to date. Jon, you must be excited (or tired):wink:..........VIEN?

09-21-2019, 11:17 AM
As always folks, a great effort to keep this software fresh and up to date. Jon, you must be excited (or tired):wink:..........VIEN?

That was tired. Late night post. Fixed it now. But I can't take much credit for this update. This update was mostly Jeff and the other guys.