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09-09-2019, 11:59 PM
I have 3 HP dps-750RB A 750 watt power supplies as well as 3 HP HSTNS-PL14 460 watt power supply. This is my first year doing pixels and as I知 already a bit overwhelmed with everything I need to learn so I don稚 want to add to it with these power supplies and breakout boards. I知 not entirely sure what they cost out there but I知 in need of some 4 or 8 port power distribution boards for power injection as I知 mainly using 5 volt. I would be open to other items to traders well though.

Please reach out if you are interested.

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09-10-2019, 12:22 AM
Look at Crockett Fantasy of Lights (CFOLights.com) and Falcon (pixelcontroller.com) for fuse-protected power distro boards. I use both. I like the Falcons a little better because of their form factor and color, but the CFOL boards have a nice switch that I like too.

09-10-2019, 01:09 AM
Here's another power distribution board to check out!

I still contend this is the only power distro board that has been load tested.