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09-21-2018, 01:54 PM
Iíve been trying to contact someone at DIYLedExpress for several months. Does anyone know how to get a message to them other than their website or the account on these forums?

09-21-2018, 02:16 PM
Facebook page

09-21-2018, 06:03 PM

09-21-2018, 11:55 PM
You can also send them a PM on this forum DIYledEXPRESS (http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/member.php?29459-DIYledEXPRESS)

09-22-2018, 01:13 AM
check your credit card statement, there will be a phone # there.

09-22-2018, 08:34 PM
We can help you if you send the email to service@diyledexpress.com or like was stated, send us a message on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DIYledEXPRESS

09-23-2018, 10:29 PM
I wish I could say that I finally made contact with DIYLedExpress from this thread but unfortunately I haven't. I used the PM feature here and sent several messages over the weekend as well as the past few months. I've messaged dlovely, tjetzer and diyledexpress. One message included all three accounts. Dave provided a response to e-mail support@diyledexpress.com, which returns the error below. service@diyledexpress also returns the same error. I've tried from two of my own e-mail accounts and always get the same error. The website contact us form doesn't provide a response from anyone. I admit that I haven't tried FB yet because I don't have an account there. I've ordered from them twice this year and last year but never had a need to contact anyone. I'll post the message I'm trying to send below and maybe someone there can PM an answer.

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

550: No such person at this address"

My message:

I've been trying to order some 3-wire extension cables to go with the 2 pre-sale orders that I placed this year. I've been checking at least once a week since February but these items are never in stock at the same time. Is there any possibility that you could place a special order for me or hold some of these items so I can make a complete order? I need the extensions for my plans this year and without them I'll need to make drastic changes.

Item Color Qty Unit Cost Qty Cost
Pig Tails White 9 $1.34 $12.06
2.5' Extension White 15 $1.15 $17.25
5' Extension White 3 $1.89 $5.67
Injection Tee White 1 $3.53 $3.53

Pig Tails Green 1 $1.34 $1.34
2.5' Extension Green 5 $1.15 $5.75
5' Extension Green 4 $1.89 $7.56
10' Extension Green 1 $2.76 $2.76


09-23-2018, 11:00 PM
Did you not see the post by DIYledEXPRESS @ 8:34 PM yesterday? It was the one just before your post.

09-24-2018, 06:52 AM
service@diyledexpress.com NOT support@diyledexpress.com

09-24-2018, 09:25 AM
Yes I did but service@diyledexpress.com returns the same thing. I mentioned that in my last message. Just tried it again from my work address and from yahoo. Not sure why I can get a response in this thread but no attempt to contact me with a PM. I've had good luck with them so far and just want to place an order.

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

550: No such person at this address"

09-24-2018, 06:11 PM
service@diyledexpress.com NOT support@diyledexpress.com

whoops, my bad. You're absolutely correct.

09-24-2018, 07:40 PM
i just shouldn't be this hard to contact a vendor.

09-24-2018, 08:28 PM
I responded to the email already.

09-24-2018, 09:41 PM
I sent a test email to them and they replied back to me.

09-24-2018, 10:31 PM
Same here test message to service@diyledexpress.com did not bounce back

09-24-2018, 10:54 PM
I contacted the OP via PM earlier tonight and gave him my personal email to reach out to us and see if we can get him taken care of.

09-25-2018, 09:30 AM
I don't know why my mail was being returned but I used another (sending) address and I received a response to my question. DiyLEDExpress has been my favorite vendor for all things they sell and I'm glad they're still doing business. I appreciate everyone's help with this issue!