View Full Version : Does SSREz require current sinking?

02-01-2018, 07:13 PM
I had several SSREz relays connected to an Arduino Mega (5V). I had some serial I/O performance problems with the mega so I tried switching to the Arduino Due (3.3V). To my surprise the SSREz seemed to work just fine in initial testing, however during my show I noticed random flickering when everything was supposed to be off. I suspect the 3.3V output is fluctuating (dropping) causing the relay to turn on briefly.

I believe I have the SSREz wired so that the Arduino is sinking current to turn them on. Could they be wired so that the Arduino is sourcing current instead?

I was considering buying a level shifter to get the control signal back up to 5V. However I can't tell from the specs on this product if it supports current sinking as I am not a EE.
http://http://www.gravitech.us/mi5v3lesh.html (http://www.gravitech.us/mi5v3lesh.html)