View Full Version : Skipping lights

01-28-2018, 11:36 PM
I looked over several pages work, hoping to find a definitive "getting started" guide, but didn't find one. Perhaps a sticky should be started, that has the basics.

Anyway, it seems that most of the framing is done with 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" steel that is welded. The lights are attached with plastic clips, like these;
Wire Frame Clips, that average around $0.04/ea, in batches of 250.

Also, there is this version, that both clips to the frame, and also has a hollow, colored area where you insert the mini light. This both colors and clips the light.
Combo Clips for LED 5MM Concave & M6 Mini Lights. They cost $0.14/ea in baches of 100.

What I don't have figured out yet, is how best to deal with how to skip an area where I don't want any lights on. I suppose I could just cover with black tape. An alternative is to cut the line, and solder in a length of plain wire. But, I don't really like that approach, since it would affect the integrity of my waterproof light set.

Any suggestion?