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12-04-2017, 06:08 PM
Taking a break this year due to issues with my hardware this year but would like to start preparing to add pixels next year. what are my options to add pixels and also use some of my old olsen and ssr4 hardware. Im leaning towards a F16v2/3 but havent seen much intergration with the good ole olsen. All I see is renards. Is it possible? I like the idea of using a pie also. It looks like there is a possible option with a piecap. Any advice would be appreciated.

12-11-2017, 06:05 AM
I run my show using FPP with the pixels coming out the ethernet port and my REN-C/Grinch combos coming out the USB port using a USB to serial converter

12-12-2017, 01:11 AM
As alluded to in previous post, you will probably need a ren-c to convert from serial to the lpt style input your olsen expects. then you can use the usual usb to rs485 style dongles to talk to the ren-c.

The usual discussion on pixels... tell us what you think you want to do with them. maybe a pix of the yard and we can give some suggestions. a pi hat is a viable solution of you can locate the pi near everything.

12-12-2017, 02:42 AM
FPP has a 595 channel output as well using the gpio pins on a raspberry Pi.

12-12-2017, 09:18 AM
I want to do a house outline, mega tree, arches and possibly a matrix. my 595 will most likely just run led mini trees and candy canes. I probably will not be able to add all elements at once so he 595 is a must while I upgrade unless I just get another smaller controller for the leds.

12-12-2017, 11:54 AM
I still run a mix show, Renard and Pixel. I use the DIYLED E1.31 6 Port Bridge to do the mixing. Each of the port can be configured to run a Renard/Pixel output or a DMX output. I have two of these bridges, on port is my Renard/serial output. This does my serial run from controller to controller across my yard. I split my display so there is a Renard run on either side. The other five remaining ports on both bridges are Pixel outputs. Five per side. They all use a standard network cable to send the data from the bridge to renard controller or a Pixel converter that the first Pixel can connect to. It is a very versatile setup. Might want to look at that, see link below:


12-17-2017, 09:54 AM
So I could connect my olsen to 1 port and do pixels for the others. What are you using for pixel controller and how does this connect to pc?

12-17-2017, 05:23 PM
So I could connect my olsen to 1 port and do pixels for the others. What are you using for pixel controller and how does this connect to pc?Yes, pixels typically connect to the Ethernet port and your Olsen connects to usb/serial port.

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