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08-25-2007, 06:05 PM

Is there any plans in the future for a command line interface for LEDTriks? Like sending text, reading a text file to transmit, current time/date/weather/etc to Vixen, then out to the LEDTriks board?

Reason being, we want to build an informational sign in the cafeteria in my school, and we were going the PIC/LED matrix route, but Vixen and LEDTriks have come so far.....


08-26-2007, 05:28 PM
I am not attempting to answer for KC but feel I need to comment on this.

Please accept this in the manner it is to be taken. As a pled more than anything. Please do not use the ledtriks and other Items I create for you guys in commercial enviroments. I know I have mentioned this before in other areas. I do not design this stuff to the levels needed of safety and other things to be using them in this type of operation. I also do not need the additional liability placed on me (real or not) over something I give away for free and do for fun. If I wanted that I assure you I could take it to another level as some have and make a business out of it. This is all that I ask of those that I am happy to share my ideas with is that they are for you and it is your responsibilty to insure the safeness of them in what you are doing. I can not share my cheap ideas if I have to worry about a school full of kids burning down because of something not meeting UL standards that I designed being used like this. I know there is a very low chance of such a thing happening but any is too much. If I had designed it to be used in these manners most would not be readily able to afford using them. We do a lot of testing and have much more tight guidelines we must follow for something before it is then tested by compliance labs. If it passes then it is suitable for that kind of use. These even go so far as burn test to see what kind of toxins are producted when it burns. I am sure that if I told KC that I wanted to use his software as an emergency Lighting control system for fire evacuations he would also be concerned. (Maybe not he is KC) :lol: