View Full Version : fonts too big on grid

11-05-2017, 01:55 PM
Made a sign grid 15 x 30 with vertical ws2811s strips connected to sandevices E682.
Setup the E682 with enough universes and zigzag starting at 15 then every 15. Dual 12v power supplies feeding the pixels(consistent color all the way through) .
When I send text to grid in Vixen 3 (at 8 dpi) the letters use all the vertical pixels (too big). The letters are legible but I would like them smaller.
When I run a test with the E682 it all seems fine.
Is there something I'm missing here?

11-05-2017, 02:07 PM
When you say you are running a test with the E682 everything is fine. How are you running a text test with an E682? Or are you simply saying the pixels light up as expected? As far as lettering size, you may be running into a resolution issue. There's a minimum number of rows you need to make the letters display properly. You may be able to benefit from a different font style that can display better with low resolution.

11-05-2017, 02:25 PM
The test is a color and chase test and all pixel light up as expected. Do you think I should have setup the pixels in rows rather then columns?
I see videos with setups that have fewer pixels and the letters a quite legible.

11-06-2017, 08:46 AM
Your setup shouldn't matter because you can change the way the text flows in the effect editor. Looking at text on my mega tree, it looks like it uses 9 or 10 rows of pixels to make the smallest text (8 point). Is that what you are seeing?
Also you can type in a point size smaller than 8 and see how it looks. When I went to 6 point font the letters start to deform. Still sort of legible but not great. You might want to play with different fonts and different sizes to see if you can get one that is smaller and legible.

11-06-2017, 09:42 PM
I'll give it a go.