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10-28-2017, 06:29 PM
Made my sequence, saved it, and copied it over to the USB thumb drive that sits in both the BBB and the Pi 3. Went to Playlist in FPP (accessed wirelessly from my PC) and it couldn't find my file - not sure where exactly it looks for the .fseq file, but I saved that file in the root directly of the thumb drive. Is that file supposed to be saved in a specific folder? Anyway, I was able to use File Manager and perform an Upload of the file and now FPP is happy as it has a .fseq file. So I created a playlist using just the one file - no media, just a sequence - and went to Scheduler. I entered in today's date and current time and hit Save. Went back to Status page in FPP and it shows the sequence as running/playing but nothing is showing on the P10 matrix.

So, here's where my title and question comes into play -- when I created the setup initially in xLights, I assigned 27 universes of E1.31 in Multicast. Everything has worked fine using xLights testing - I have seen lights on my matrix that match my sequence. Now that I am trying to get the Pi 3 to play the sequence through the BBB/Octoscroller, do I have to change the Setup page in xLights and assign each universe the IP address of the BBB that I've now assigned to get the Pi to output to it? For reference:

My Pi 3 IP address as assigned through FPP:
My BBB IP address as assigned through FPP:

Any help is appreciated. :wink:

10-28-2017, 08:56 PM
You did not describe how you set up the E131 output on the pi.