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11-27-2016, 11:43 PM
HI all-

Picked up a PI and I'm trying to load FPP onto to it. The PI3 came with a 16gb sd card loaded with NOObs so I purchased a 64gb for the FPP player install. I have followed the directions to a tee and I can not get the PI to recognize the SD card when I put it in it to start the PI install. If I use the card that came with the PI delete the contents and then load FPP 1.8v on to it. When I boot I just get a screen full of pretty colors but that's it.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Anyone have any Ideas? Also both the 16gb (original) and 64Gb new are sanddisk ultra

New card:
Formatted with SD formatting tool
Made sure size of card matched size in SD formatting software
downloaded FPP v 1.8 and unzipped contents
Copied FPP v 1.8 contents to root directory of SD card
formatted my usb 8g stick
Inserted usb stick in Pi
Inserted new SD card into PI
Plugged PI into wall
only Red light on unit nothing else ever happens

Old card which currently has NOobs installed
I did not format this card I just deleted contents and then copied FPP v 1.8 to root.
When I insert this card the screen shows a lot of pretty colors but will not boot.
One odd thing is that the card is a 16gb card but it has been formatted to only 1gb. If I clear contents and put old Noobs software back onto SD card it works.

Thanks for any help

K-State Fan
11-28-2016, 08:18 AM
Are you using less than 2 amp power supply?

11-28-2016, 01:12 PM
Yes it's only 2500ma. why would that make a difference? (I really don't know) It's not hooked up to my display yet. I'm just trying to get the unit to boot to the card.

thanks for the response

11-28-2016, 01:18 PM
Sorry kind of a stupid response, sorry. after I thought about it, Yes my power supply is 2.5 amps at 5 volts. Any other Ideas?

11-28-2016, 03:07 PM
Name brand or generic SD? Did you unzip the FPP files to the root of the SD card? On the branding...yes it can make a difference. Oh you do need to format the card, either on a linux box or use the suggested SD formatter on a PC, then copy the fpp unzipped files to the root.

Keith R
11-28-2016, 03:18 PM
HI all-

Picked up a PI and I'm trying to load FPP onto to it. The PI3 came with a 16gb sd card loaded with NOObs so I purchased a 64gb for the FPP player install.

You probably don't need more than a good Class 10 8gb micro sd for the V1.8 FPP program. I had issues with a 32 gb SanDisk (more than one), and settled on the 8 gb.

11-28-2016, 05:36 PM
I had a devil of a time getting FPP to install on my Pi ver3 (month ago). Are you seeing a small square rainbow in the upper right corner during this install? If yes this is a under voltage condition. I had to get a 3 amp, 5.1 V power supply to correct.

I also had a SD card that after reformatting a few times was unrecognizable by they Pi. Replaced with a Sandisk, no issues since.

Hope this helps.

11-28-2016, 08:44 PM
Hi all I did get it to work. This is the fix I used.
Any SD card 32g or over will not format fat32 but xfat or something along those lines if you use the SD format utility. You still format the card like the instruction tell you to, but after it's done you need to download and use a utility called Fat32. This will format the card in FAt32 and will allow the Pi to recognize it.

I found the post on the Pi website.

Thanks for all the help.