View Full Version : Singing window Projections on Sale proceeds going to this Site

09-15-2016, 07:40 PM
Hi all, we just made our first donation to Do It Yourself Christmas for the Halloween fantasy faces. And it's closing in on October, so I wanted to have one last push for Halloween to make another donation to Do It Yourself Christmas. We dropped the price to $12.99 through Oct 1.

Order the normal way, and put it in the notes that you want it to go here, or that you saw it here, and we will donate the full amount to Doityourselfchristmas.com.

The video can take the place of a singing face for your show, or runs well as a stand alone Halloween display. The projection is used with a projector on a window, and special film that can also be purchased from the site if needed.

Works great with Falcon Pi Player, and we can format it for the 1/4 second lag you get from external blue tooth transmitter if needed.

Visit http://www.lightrageous.com/halloween-fantasy-faces.html

Below is an example: Just a reminder. just like sequences, we don't sell music, just videos, but we will attach your music free of charge.