View Full Version : Sync Error Finding Work Viewable Group by Name

09-05-2016, 11:37 AM
Hey Joe,

I was getting a pop-up with "Sync Error Finding Work Viewable Group by Name" when I came out of "Display Preview" mode. Pop-up happened twice every time I unchecked the "Display Preview" box. Got annoying so I saved, exited, and reloaded. I got the same pop-up when it loaded my sequence. Went into "Display Preview" and got the pop-up again when I came out. That's when I noticed there weren't any channels showing in the edit screen. (There had been before I reloaded and was getting the pop-up.) Went in to select my display group and that's when I had the aha! moment. I had named a new display group "Floods & Arches", but it was now called "Floods Arches". Apparently HLS doesn't like '&' in display group names.

Now that I know what the problem is, I can avoid it in the future. Just thought it would be a good idea to get it in documented in case someone else has the same problem and/or you want to fix it at some point.


09-05-2016, 11:53 AM