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08-11-2016, 11:19 PM
Vixen 3.3 is now available.

• New effect layering system. Effects can now be assigned to layers. Multiple layers can be defined per sequence. Each layer has a user definable combining filter. Effects now combine at the sequence level (it used to be at the controller level, after the patching filters). Layers are processed top down. Layers can be reordered. This provides for nearly endless combinations of effects.
• Major performance improvements to the execution engine. The layer system greatly helped this process. But many other optimizations and streamlined procedures were done to greatly improve performance throughout the system. Real profiles of over 50,000 channels will now play smoothly with preview and controllers enabled average PCs (but still not on old junk) Even larger profiles will play with controllers or preview disabled.
• Many New effects, and old nutcracker effects were converted into native Vixen effects and enhanced with native Vixen functionality. *Three of these effects are audio interactive effects. These are used to create visual effects based on the audio track on the timeline.
New Effects:

o Colorwash
o Curtain
o Garlands
o Glediator
o Life
o Meteors
o Picture Tile
o Pinwheel
o Plasma
o Snowstorm
o Spirograph
o Tree
o Vertical Meter *
o Video
o VU Meter *
o Waveform *

• Added additional functionality to existing effects

o Fireworks
o Picture
o Snowflakes

• Several performance improvements to preview, and preview setup.
• Improvements to handle high DPI displays better.
• Many usability enhancements and general UI polish.
• Changes to handle installs on Win 10 and not try to install .NET 4.5.2 as Win 10 comes with 4.6.Many usability enhancements and general UI polish.

Deprecation Notice
• The consolidated Nutcracker effect has been deprecated and will no longer be supported. Existing effect will continue to work, but efforts should be made to migrate to the newer standalone versions of the individual effects.

Bug Fixes / Features by ticket
• VIX-1093 Alternating effect issue with discrete colors
• VIX-1090 Fireworks effect always shows a pixel ON at 0,0 coordinates at frame 0.
• VIX-1087 Audio effect issue with discrete colors
• VIX-1083 Speed of the Snowflake and Meteor effects is not fast enough for large matrix
• VIX-1082 An unexpected error occurred while drawing the grid
• VIX-1080 Effect: Garland - up/down is reversed
• VIX-1078 Twinkle effect static color has transparent color as the old default was empty
• VIX-1077 new meteor effect - meteors not evenly distributed
• VIX-1076 Vixen 3 Crashed when clicking in the Layers window
• VIX-1075 Pinwheel Center Start
• VIX-1074 Dev 209 Random Crashes
• VIX-1073 V3 Dev build not starting when loading data from released version
• VIX-1071 Add Location Positioning option to the new Plasma effect
• VIX-1069 Exception in TimelineGrid.OnPaint() System.ArgumentException: Value of '-2147483648' is not valid for 'alpha'.
• VIX-1067 Add Location support to Butterfly effect
• VIX-1066 Add Location support to Bars effect
• VIX-1065 Add Location support to Colorwash effect
• VIX-1063 Add a Description field to the effect editor for effects that may need it.
• VIX-1061 Cut Copy Paste order on Editor shortcut menu
• VIX-1060 Existing Previews no longer open and Vixen crashes
• VIX-1059 Show current layer in layer selection menu
• VIX-1058 Create new Plasma effect
• VIX-1057 Auto-save after scrolling
• VIX-1055 Editor Minimized Crash
• VIX-1052 Create new Pinwheel effect
• VIX-1048 Effect Preview not following Layer settings
• VIX-1047 Default Layer Type
• VIX-1046 Make some minor improvements to the Mark Collections Docker
• VIX-1045 A few issues I have found with the newest dev release
• VIX-1042 Investigate preview drawing to check if it's double dimming.
• VIX-1039 New Multiply Color Mixing Filter
• VIX-1035 Make Improvements to the Firework effect.
• VIX-1033 New Firework effect doesn't seem to honor explosion count
• VIX-1030 The Discrete Color Picker still has the old theme
• VIX-1029 Firework effect does not work after changing the number of Explosions to 100
• VIX-1024 Random crash when zooming in and out quickly.
• VIX-1023 Preview Pixel Grid Smart Object Size
• VIX-1017 Create Native Spirograph Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen
• VIX-1016 Create Native Life Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen
• VIX-1013 Snowflake Effect doesn't perform the same as the Nutcracker Snowflake effect does.
• VIX-1004 Create Native Color Wash Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen.
• VIX-1003 When creating a new sequence the start and end time on the time line is set to 00:00:00
• VIX-992 Create Native Glediator Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen
• VIX-987 Create Native Curtain Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen
• VIX-986 The new feature to save row expansion has random bug in saving.
• VIX-985 Save the play from location in the ruler.
• VIX-983 Terminology consistency for grid/matrix related items
• VIX-982 Save dialog doesn't appear if only the Row height was changed and user exits the sequencer.
• VIX-981 Display Setup Additional Buttons
• VIX-979 3.2u2 crashes when choosing font for Text effect
• VIX-978 Vixen 3.2u2 Crashes/freezes with firework effect
• VIX-977 Update the Picture Effect to include the Nutcracker Picture Tiles.
• VIX-976 Create Native Video Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen.
• VIX-975 Create Native Meteor Effect based off the Nutcracker one in Vixen.
• VIX-974 Deleting and Adding Timeline Marks
• VIX-973 Minor Improvements to Sequence editor Timeline Panel
• VIX-972 Align Effects to Marks
• VIX-966 Remove the "Configure" sub menu under "Web Server" menu in the Vixen Main App Form
• VIX-954 unable to open new or saved sequence
• VIX-947 Add alignment tool for both start and end to marks
• VIX-946 Increase limit on align to marks tool
• VIX-944 Add additional header info to FPP exported files
• VIX-933 Add ability to adjust individual mark weight.
• VIX-920 Installed modules screen columns don't line up with headers.
• VIX-914 When zooming in\out using CTRL-Scroll, keep mouse timeline position
• VIX-913 Set row sizes
• VIX-906 Vixen crash after deleting an empty collection in Mark manager
• VIX-904 Vixen name on main admin window is Black
• VIX-894 Enhancement request to twinkle effect
• VIX-892 Change RGB Pixel order
• VIX-890 Stop trying to install .Net 4.5.2 on Windows 10
• VIX-887 High-DPI Scaling issue with Vixen
• VIX-875 Generic Numbered Group wizard naming improvement
• VIX-874 Add Multiple Screen should have "endless" checked by default
• VIX-872 Vixen crashes with attempted zoom in
• VIX-871 Add date stamp to show scheduler log.
• VIX-867 feature request for meteor effect
• VIX-850 Beat Mark Manager: Playback delay & Jump to start of track
• VIX-843 Export Default
• VIX-742 Add fit to time on effects
• VIX-649 Friday is part of weekend and weekday
• VIX-641 Mouse scroll wheel zoom rows
• VIX-622 Preview exit methods behave differently
• VIX-540 Shortcuts in Display do not work – Ctrl-C, V, X do not work in the main Display module
• VIX-528 Restructuring of Nutcracker effects
• VIX-483 Request for 2 Vixen 2 Effects - Waveform and Frequency Spectrum

08-11-2016, 11:24 PM
That's my night sorted after work. Can't wait to play with it

08-12-2016, 02:40 PM
John, can Vixen 3.3 be loaded separate from Vixen 3.2? I would like to try it but do not want to run into the same issue I had last year.

08-12-2016, 02:45 PM
if you still have the vixen 3.2 install file in your download folder you can always zip up what you have now into file and if you have problem with new version delete it reinstall 3.2 and use the zip folder too return too what you had before

08-12-2016, 04:34 PM
Yes, it can. But there's some caveats.
By default it will want to upgrade the old version. You'd need to specify a new location to keep them both.
You'll need to keep an untouched copy of both your profile and sequences. Once 3.3 touches them, they won't work in 3.2 anymore.
If you do switch back and forth between the two versions, you'll need to manually reset the data in the hidden %appdata% folder each time you go back and forth. This will reset all layout preferences to default each time.

Also, we don't take away the old versions. If you notice on the download page, every released version is still listed there.

08-15-2016, 01:43 PM
Thanks for all of your hard work guys!