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03-11-2016, 01:22 PM
I have been looking for a way to display a live video feed on a P10 matrix.

Has anyone got any ideas?
I have tried a few things.

I have tried using FFMPEG to convert a AVI stream to hundreds of images, and then play this in Nutcracker, but this didn't work because of timing, and just created a 406 gigabyte mess on my computer (I should have created a folder, not just let the images go everywhere on my hard disk).

I cannot find any software that can take an image and send it out over E1.31.

I have looked at the hardware used for outdoor P10 displays.
Looks very good and versatile, but it is incredibly expensive. Ray has the device that takes DVI video and sends it out to "receiving cards" which connect to the panels. It does look really good though, and DVI input is perfect, as it can work with any broadcasting software.


03-11-2016, 03:37 PM
Maybe pixel pusher can do something like this. There is a Pi program to take pixel pusher data and display it on a p10 matrix. I am considering adding pixel pusher input to FPP.

What format would your live stream be in? I am also going to modify FPP to allow it to read data being displayed on the HDMI output and display that data on the P10 LED panel output so if you can use vlc or ffmpeg or mplayer (or maybe even omxplayer) to play the live stream out the HDMI display then FPP could take that data and display it on a matrix. This is a high priority for me this year for FPP to be able to play video directly on the P10's.