View Full Version : OutPut Channel Manager puts nonsense order numbers when ordering descending

11-21-2015, 12:17 AM
When I try to change output order in OutPut Channel Manager using descending order the generated numbers are completely off. I expect to generate numbers down (from 100 to 50). Instead of those numbers the HLS puts there 4294967295 down. (See screenshot). Ascending order works correctly.
I need to reorder over 1000 channels. To do it manually it will take me at least half a day. Joe, could it be fixed ASAP?

Thank you.

11-21-2015, 12:23 AM
My apologue. It’s a user mistake. I had initial number set to 1 instead of 100. Disregard this bug report.
I guess it’s time for me to get some sleep otherwise I will be posting more nonsense threads. :)