View Full Version : Pixel Matrix for a Tree top 200 pixel Globe

08-06-2015, 08:48 AM
I have a 3 channel Star for my soon-to-be finished 10ft Mega tree for 2015 Christmas. Then, I found this Pixel Globe by superstar and now want to place this on top of my tree; it has 200 lights. I am not sure how you create an element for this in Vixen 3? I assume it would be like a Matrix, but Matrix's are grid no spherical layout? I would like to display pictures and Text on it. Then how how hard is it to program with Vixen 3; as the usual software used is "superstar" which is embedded in LOR and not exportable into Vixen 3? Maybe Nutcracker needs a spherical globe option.

This is my first year with Pixels, built a 4th of July show as a test and my guest love it. Have been bit by the Pixel bug now!


Thanks Jason