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07-30-2008, 08:26 AM
I was asked to list the steps I took to test my Grinch recently by a member. Here it is - it's basically a condensed version of another thread. If additional steps are needed, let me know and I can add to it as this kinda starts somewhere in the middle and makes a few assumptions. If anyone spots a glaring mistake, also let me know and I can edit it appropriately.

One tip that wasn't specifically given to me, but I think a few people tried to say it, was to follow traces both on top and under the board. The board is really simple to follow even with all the parts covering it up. Starting with the power in, follow where the ground goes (which seems to be mostly under the board) and follow the power side (which seems to be mostly on top). Even if you don't understand WHY the power flows how it does through the board, you can at least see HOW it flows from the power in and data in to the ICs and then to the outputs to the SSRs.

Also with no power or data in to the board you can use resistance setting on a multimeter to see if there are any shorts or the data cable goes to where you think it should. To see if there are any shorts, place the black probe on any point on the ground trace and the red probe on any power trace. Your multimeter should register movement and settle on 0. If it doesn't move/change/stay on 1 this indicates a problem. Same with testing the data cable in, following pinout diagrams place 1 probe on a pin at one end of the cable and the other probe at the data in solder points on the Grinch board. If there's movement and settles on 0 it means you have the right connection, if there isn't a change you have the wrong pins selected or your cable is wrong or the adaptor is wrong.

Hope this helps. I'd like to add this to the Wiki, but I'll wait and see if that's appropriate.
Remember, let me know if I've given the wrong info or explained something incorrectly.


07-30-2008, 10:34 AM
Thanks Ingrid, i'll test mine using your notes and see if it works

07-30-2008, 10:58 AM

Very good.

Small nit, though: fifth paragraph, first sentence, it should read, "place the black probe to" instead of "place the back probe to."