View Full Version : What are my Mini Tree options?

01-12-2015, 08:38 PM
Is it crazy for me to consider a bunch of us here designing a custom-made Mini tree blow mold? Something that could be fit on a section of 1/2" conduit. Here is a design I just whipped up in literally 5 minutes.


With all the 3D printing and online services it seems like it wouldn't be too expensive for us to get our own mini trees produced. Something that would look great, last a long time, and be easy to repair and store.

Just an idea. -=Steve

01-13-2015, 07:39 PM

Twenty-three hours and no reply ...

Last year someone posted about putting rectangle LEDs into a white traffic cone ...


And I seriously considered doing it. Then I decided to put a group of arches where the cones would have gone and then I ended up without the time to finish the arches ... so, that part of the yard was bare.

I don't like the LED/milk-white color -- I prefer clear colors -- but I'm coming to grips with the notion that to expand yard-level items I'm going to have to learn to like it.

Don't think that helped much, but it bumps your post up a bit.