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11-19-2014, 10:25 PM
Not real sure if its a bug.

Im using a intel core duo 2 laptop with a fresh install of windows 7.

About 2 hours into my test show the show slows down. As in out of sync with the music and flashing light.

I can restart hls and it will go right back to normal.

Ive just had this happen tonight so i know its in this computer.

11-20-2014, 01:21 AM
Check to see what else is running on the computer.

HLS has Audio and Lights locked insync -- they can NOT get out of sync or lag from HLS's viewpoint.

Your computer is responsible for delivering the transmission packets after being handed off by HLS.

Your drivers may be lagging for some reason.

You can always ask HLS to run a debug file -- it will time stamp each tic's operations.

If you are running COM -- as in riving a renard via a COM port --- I have seen COM ports delay as much as 60 to 80 millisecs. If your tic rate is 25 or 50 millisecs -- then you will start to delay.

That is one reason why HLS does not like COM -- do a USB to COM interface if you are using COM.

Get a FTDI USB to COM device -- $10 on Amazon.

HLS talks directly to the dll -- no Windows involved.


11-20-2014, 10:25 AM
What Transport media are you using --- E131, USB, COM?

11-20-2014, 11:46 AM
Ok. Which one do u like the best?
Im useing a usb to 485 now. But its using a fake com 7.

Ive looked at the cou usage and the mem usage while running and its nothing. This machine aint even connectd to the net. Just for the show only so theres nothing on it to run. Just a fresh instal of window 7 and i did download all the updates and such but i have the wireless disabled.

Thanks for your time and effort and dedication to such a great program!

11-20-2014, 11:53 AM
How are you asking HLS to perform the transmit process -- using a COM port or a USB device?

As I've stated -- I have seen Window's COM process take very LONG times to complete. HLS can NOT continue processing until the Window's COM call returns.

The Window's fake COM to USB drivers are just a way of letting Windows applications still deal with COM Ports and not worry about the real USB interface.

The COM to USB driver --- might NOT be one from Microsoft but from a third party --- and may not be performance aware.

For performance purposes -- have HLS talk to the USB device (FDTI device) --- much better thru put!


11-20-2014, 02:19 PM

So i select usb renard instead of com.

Im using a usb straiggt to 485 adapter

11-20-2014, 05:41 PM
You got it ... try the USB instead and see if you still have the delay.

Are you using Renards?????

Don't select Renard unless that is the controller you are talking to since they have there own protocol.


11-20-2014, 06:03 PM
I am. 4 renards. One tr-24 and the rest ss24.

When i do select usb-dmx it asked for a serial number?

11-20-2014, 06:31 PM
What dongle do you suggest? Ill order the right thing

11-20-2014, 07:46 PM
This is what I purchased from Amazon.

I use the FTDI dll with this and it works great.



11-20-2014, 08:53 PM
So you put in the serial number from it in hls?

11-20-2014, 09:02 PM

11-20-2014, 09:38 PM
older tut that may help for selecting dmx dongles etc.


11-21-2014, 03:18 PM
Ive ordered the dongle Joe suggested as well as the db9 to wire to my renards. Amazon said it will be here tomorrow so we shall see.

Thansk for the help guys. I was starting to think i needed to use my macbook for the show!

11-21-2014, 04:22 PM
You should run my debug report just to verify timing from the COM really is the issue.

The OUTPUT process where yo identify which Universes are to be Outputted ===> Upper right corner -- check box to start debug file.

The Play the OUTPUT .... when you start to see a lag -- stop the PLAY and go in and UNCHECK that box -- unchecking closes the file.

Look in your sequence folder and there will be a debug text file -- open it with Wordpad.

Every tic is time stamped so you can see processing time.

Check the delta time for the COM call as THAT is what is suspect -- but we are only guessing without the facts.


11-24-2014, 11:25 PM
Ive ran the show now 2 nights with no problems at all.ive also tried running on rs232 but was unsucessful so imma leave it alone while its running and see if i can get it over to rs232 in the off season