View Full Version : HLS locks up on Sequence load.

11-14-2014, 10:15 AM
Using build 23U. I created a audio envelope on a segment channel and moved it around a bit. Now when I try to load the sequence HLS locks up when the "Channel Count" window appears. It just stays stuck on a count of 0 and never apparently loads the sequence. I've attached the crash dump files HLS spits out. And here is the txt of the crash dump:


Crash Exit Value of 0

******** Hinkle's Exception Report ********

Report Date (Crash Date): 2014-11-14 06:07:01

Application: C:\xmas2014\hls\HLS.exe 11-11-2014

UserID: steve

Computer: DESK
Current Memory Load: 15%

Total Physical Memory: 16273.17 Mbytes

Available Physical Memory: 13697.66 Mbytes

Total Virtual Memory: 4095.88 Mbytes

Available Virtual Memory: 3304.24 Mbytes

Process Page Fault Count: 1115639

Process Working Set Size: 692748288 bytes

Process Peak Working Set Size: 692752384 bytes

Process Quota Paged Pool Usage: 246408

Process Quota Peak Paged Pool Usage: 268456

Process Quota Non Paged Pool Usage: 25104

Process Quota Peak Non Paged Pool Usage: 25616

Process Pagefile Usage: 685813760 bytes

Process Peak Pagefile Usage: 686530560 bytes

GUI resources used: 33, 62

USER resources used: 306, 333

Process creation time: 2014-11-14 06:06:05

Process life time: 0 hrs 00 min 55.642986 sec

Process kernel time usage: 0 hrs 00 min 03.328125 sec

Process user time usage: 0 hrs 00 min 38.546875 sec

ExceptionCode = 0xc0000005, Reason EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
Address = 0


11-14-2014, 01:52 PM
The debug report show HLS had completed loading the sequence and was in the final stages of completing the open process.

The last thing in the open process is to set some of the sub-menu check marks --- you had just completed setting the check mark on how to display Segments.

It failed asking Windows for a pointer to the main window with the intent of setting your preference for color pick.

There is no direct cause for the crash --- it actually occurred deep in Windows.

I would suggest rebooting Windows and try again.

On that note --- let me explore what you comments were ....

You stated that you created an audio envelope on a Segment.

First off --- the audio envelope process was never intended to be placed on a Segment --- I can see no reason for wanting that.

Can you explain what you were trying to accomplish by placing it on a Segment.

Next you stated that you moved it around a bit .... what does that mean?

There is no indication that this has/had anything to do with you crash but your activity is well outside of what my design parameters are for this feature.

There may be a connection --- that is why I'm asking the questions.


11-14-2014, 05:18 PM
I'm reproducing the "talking Trees" sequence that has been seen here on DIYC a few years back. This isn't using animation, instead it's just blinking a whole lot of LEDs (on the tree) at the same time. So I have 2 trees talking to each other and to make the conversation easier to animate, I've created 2 segments, "tree1" and "tree2" that include all the pixels on each of them. That way my view is just 2 channels, "Tree1" and "Tree2". I've been using your Audio envelope features to blink the lights and it's working great.

I tried rebooting Windows, and somehow the HLS file was just corrupt. It would always get into this locked state on load. I was just starting the sequence so it wasn't too much of a problem to rebuild the sequence. I haven't run into the problem again, so whatever it was was probably just a strange edge case. It's probably not worth investigating further.