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10-13-2014, 02:12 PM
Probably an easy solution but i am getting confused at the moment. So I set up my matrix that i will be using in DIYLedExpresses coro matrix in vixen and everything looks to be working just fine. The issue i just ran into was i went into vixen to see where my start was and which way the strings were routed. That is when i realized that It starts at the bottom left like i thought and ran across the bottom. The next row starts at the left again and is verified by clicking on that item in the matrix drop down and is highlighted purple. Is it already set up to be a zig zag pattern or is there a way to? Or do i have to start each row at the left and run wiring from the end of a row to the beginning of the next? Or am i over thinking it?

10-13-2014, 03:40 PM
Arctic. I just finished mine and I ran strips of 150 cut in half, then routed from left bottom, looped at the end of 75 on the second row. Then started the second group at row 3, to the end and back to complete row 4, and continued until I had 15 inputs (30 rows). In the web interface, I set the count at 150 and zig-zag after 75. Hope this helps. You can check my other posts on the Matrix in the Vixen 3/General forum.

10-13-2014, 07:35 PM
So dont do anything to the vixen side do it all on the interface side of things? I know that I can reverse strings with the e68x controllers but can it be done with say a px1?