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09-08-2014, 09:21 PM
Vixen 3 now has the ability to export sequences to Vixen 2.1, beginning with development build #37.

As with the other export types, you should have all of your required display elements to controller outputs fully patched in the Display Setup.

The output file is a flattened sequence with each channel names based upon the Vixen 3 element name.

Enjoy! (And report any bugs you may find!) :)


09-08-2014, 09:26 PM
Now you are making it hard not to try V3. I was going to wait until after this season but I may have to give it a shot now.

Thanks for all your work on this Ed.

09-08-2014, 10:08 PM
I just wanted to point out that while vixen 3 can both export and import from vixen 2 format your workflow should not bring these files back into v3. As Ed pointed out, these files are "flattened" which means that all of the intelligence that the effects had in V3 Is lost on export. The vixen 2 format does not support all of the advanced features that makes vixen 3 so easy to use. So what you reimport will most likely not contain the same easy to edit effects that you exported. And also, this reimported file will require a lot more pc overhead to process all the extra small effects.
For example, If you were to export a pulse effect that fades in, when you reimport, you might get 20 set level effects instead.
So the intended workflow for tees tools is as follows:
If you have old sequences created in vixen 2, or any other timeslice based sequencer, you can import them into V3
Once you've imported these sequences into V3, you should consider this result as a reference for reworking it in the V3 style. You would go thru the sequence and look for effects that can be condensed by using the power of V3 effects.
When your sequence is complete, you can then export it as a vixen 2 file for playback in another scheduler like xlights. Or you could export it in Fseq format for playback on the falcon player.
If you want to add a few nutcracker effects that aren't available in vixen 3 using the newer version of nutcracker you can do that after you've exported from V3 and on it's way thru the xlights workflow.

--Jon Chuchla--

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09-09-2014, 12:06 AM
Thanks for the info and heads up. I'll look forward to using this.

Regarding nutcracker effects not available in V3: If I understand you correctly if these nutcracker effects are brought in after exporting from V3 on the way through xlights, these effects would need to be re-done each time the reference V3 sequence is modified. In other words since we shouldn't import anything done outside of V3 the reference file wouldn't include these nutcracker effects that can't be done within V3?

Or is it just V2 files that won't contain all of the information when imported to V3?

09-09-2014, 12:33 AM
It's the first concept.
The reason is because when you import into vixen 3, the importer has to guess what kind of effect that you were going for so that it can choose the correct vixen 3 effect to take its place. It can handle basic fixed levels and some linear ramps and fades, but anything more complicated than that will be converted as many tiny effects. And that will become almost impossible to work with in V3 and it will bog down the system. The importer may recognize some parts of a NC effect as fades and such. But it will be one huge mess of disconnected little effects. The import will take forever, and the file will be very difficult to work with.
The good news is that we are exploring ways to directly integrate the nutcracker code into V3 so that it will stay up to date with Sean's progress on nutcracker. The way it stands today, nutcracker and vixen 3 are written in two different languages and it has to be translated by hand to bring any of Sean's work into V3. So updates he makes take a long time (and someone whos willing to do the tedious work) to make it into V3.

-- Jon Chuchla --

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