View Full Version : Forums will go going offline tonight

06-05-2008, 04:20 PM
I am planning a software upgrade late tonight, early morning hours Eastern Time. The forums need to go offline for some time to preserve the database and make sure the upgrade goes smoothly. I do not expect any problems. If all goes well we will only be offline for about 1 hour.

06-05-2008, 06:04 PM
Thanks for the heads up. I'll be eagerly awaiting the upgrade. Thanks for the continual support on this site/forum.

06-05-2008, 06:17 PM

What will I do with that hour? :)

Thanks for all the hard work


06-05-2008, 08:00 PM
You have been sentenced to one hour of soldering (approx) :lol:

Thanks for the heads up Brian

06-05-2008, 08:54 PM
Finally - I can get an hour of sleep!

06-05-2008, 08:56 PM
Does TV Guide have a website?

Maybe I'll talk to my family tonight?

I could ping it until it comes back online, I guess...

06-06-2008, 12:38 AM
The upgrade is completed. We are now running the most up to date version of vBulletin. There is still some tweaking to do, like the second navbar with links to the chat and wiki. I will get to that in a day or 2.

You will find some increased functionality, so snoop around a bit.

If any issues arise let me know.