View Full Version : Output Channel Manager does not retain proper Output Order upon saving.

08-17-2014, 11:08 AM
I am trying to reverse channel output order in the OutPut Channel Manager using descending order.
I have 2048 (16x32 matrix) pixels in the output. If I use Ascending order from #1 all works as expected and the order gets properly saved after clicking OK.
If I use descending order from 2048 all gets calculated properly. Hit OK. Come back and the order is messed up. It starts with 1921 and not 2048 as showed before.
1.Correct order upon coming back using ASC order
2. Correct order upon applying DESC order before saving
3. Wrong order upon coming back after saving DESC order

08-17-2014, 11:46 AM
Did you click "Prepare Channels for Output" before clicking ok? I think you need to do that before clicking ok to make it remember what you did.

08-17-2014, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the suggestion.
I have just re-tested all the combinations and it still does not work.

1) ASC order without "Prepare Channels For Output" - saves it
2) ASC Order with "Prepare Channels For Output" - saves it
3) DESC Order without "Prepare Channels For Output" - NOT SAVED properly
4) DESC Order with "Prepare Channels For Output" - NOT SAVED properly

It looks like its related to the action using "DESC" output order.

08-17-2014, 02:38 PM
Order is a tool for positioning channels -- not for saving and maintaining a value.

Why is it important to be at 2048?


08-17-2014, 02:53 PM
Your order may be out of whack, but your channels should be assigned to the decending channels you want after clicking the prepare channels for out button.

08-17-2014, 03:18 PM
The ORDER column - order number is used to get the channels in the proper order.

When you click the Green button --- Universe Channel Number is assigned based on Universe number and Order Number SORTED--- the Actual Order Number does not matter --- just the fact that with the Order Number, the channels can be properly positioned within the Universe to properly assign Universe Channel Numbers.

Actual Order Values are not saved as you indicated in your previous post .... Again Order numbers are used when the Grenn button is pressed to properly assign Universe Channel Numbers.

When you start HLS and open a sequence -- the Order Numbers Values are then reassigned based on position within the Universe.


08-19-2014, 12:38 AM
Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply. The reason why I started this thread is that after clicking the green button “Prepare Channels for Output”, closing the Channel Manager and then Checking the “OutPut Active” to preview the result on the real pixels I get error: “Unable to Transmit the Sequences – Output are Not Properly Configured”.
Unfortunately it does not tell me anything specific what exactly is wrong. That’s why I got suspicious about the order issue and reported it as a bug. But you are right. After closing the HLS and reopening the sequence all is assigned properly despite the order is wrong (I am fine with that)
So the actual question is: Why do we get this error message upon clicking “Prepare Channels for Output”? It sounds to me like a bug. All is configured properly. We "just" need to close HLS and reopen the sequence again to get around it. Otherwise we are not able to do sequence debugging using OutPut active. That’s why I am shifting the order of channels and previewing it on the real output through controller, but I bump to this error message every time I need to make a change.
Can be done anything about it or what should we do to avoid this vague error?


08-19-2014, 05:37 AM
Your issue is not in Prepare ....

You have an issue with the data shown in "Select Output method and Compile for Show".

THAT process is the next step required prior to output.

I suspect you have a Universe that you have not fully told me how to output.