View Full Version : Color Picker broken in "Modify This Effect"

11-15-2013, 01:50 AM
If you right click on an effect and select "Modify This Effect" and press one of the 4 "Make it X" color buttons, the effect will change colors. But if you instead go into the color picker, the color will show correctly in the dialog box, but the effect will not be re-colored.


11-15-2013, 12:18 PM
I just tested it ... works perfectly.

Check your steps.


11-15-2013, 02:54 PM
I checked it several times, but perhaps we aren't talking about the same thing. I'm talking about the window that lets me choose YELLOW or PURPLE. It shows about 16 colors (I'm guessing, I'm not at my HLS computer at the moment). When I select YELLOW, the color updates in the dialog box, but when I press OK it does not change the color in my sequence. When I get home I'll try it again. I might have been using segments.