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03-11-2008, 07:20 PM
Ok, well its been ALONG time since i have messed with circuits, and then it was just breif in HS following a workbook.

I am ordering this kit http://www.hiviz.com/kits/sk2-du.htm for my camera flash.

If you check out the instructions here.. http://www.hiviz.com/kits/instructions/sk2-du-manual.htm

you see in step 9 this
"Changing the delay range: A half second delay is long for many high-speed photography situations. You can change the range of the potentiometer by removing the 0.47-µf capacitor and replacing it with one of smaller value. Extra 0.1-µf and 0.01-µf capacitors have been provided for this purpose. The 0.1-µf capacitor will provide delays up to about a tenth of a second, while the 0.01-µf capacitor will provide delays up to about a hundredth of a second.

Changing the reset delay: After the flash unit discharges, it will be inactive for a short time before it can be discharged again. This amount of time is termed the reset delay. The circuit is currently set for a reset delay of about a hundredth of a second. (This is actually less than the recharge time of most flash units.) For some photo situations, this may lead to multiple exposures. In order to increase the reset delay, first locate the 1-kΩ resistor. Then replace it with the 100-kΩ resistor. This will increase the reset delay to about a second. "

Now what i am asking, is if someone could quickly whip up a schematic, or a pcb drawing of this, where i could use a switch, or jumper to change these settings. The reason i ask for this, is i plan to enclose this in a case, and want to be able to change them while in out shooting.

I am sure i could tackle it and acheive what i want, but i am not sure i wont blow a few parts in trying to get it to work.

If anyone has some free time to do this, id be greatly appreciative.