View Full Version : 3.0.7 released

08-04-2013, 01:03 PM
Hi everyone,

3.0.7 is out! You can download it here:


It's taken a few weeks longer than I would have liked, but that's because we've become a giant rolling ball of development progress, and I've found it hard to draw a line for when it release. There's been over 200 individual code commits since the last release -- some tiny bug fixes, some huge features -- so there's so much rapid development I never know when to stop and say "OK, we need to make an official release!" (as it is, there's already stuff done but untested, ready to go into 3.0.8!) We'll be trying to turn around new versions more quickly from now.

The big features in this version are:
- Discrete color support and associated color filter support
- Improved Vixen 2.x importing (you can 'map' channels to V3 elements, and save them for reuse) and color support for importing
- some new effects (wipe, alternating, and nutcracker effects)
- a lot of speed improvements, fixups, and memory use reductions
- lots of minor stuff -- see the release notes!

Still lots going on, lots more cool stuff to come in 3.0.8.